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Friday, May 23, 2014

The First Volume of Immortal Destiny - The Light Seekers Now Available

A Dance of Darkness and Light.

Hailey is alone and living on the streets, but even worse, she is being stalked by a cold and vicious killer, a vampire that is maddened by the scent of her blood. Sean has felt nothing since the night he was born as a vampire, but then he looked into Hailey’s eyes. The Immortal Destiny Saga continues with The Light Seekers, book 5 in the Immortal Destiny Series. This book will be released in volumes.
A year has passed and a lot has changed in the world of the Immortals. Kathrina is preparing for her wedding and Dash is living it up in California. All has been blissful and quiet for the Immortal Sisters, but it was it the calm before the storm?
In the Light Seekers, a new heroin comes into the story. Hailey Burke has lived most of her life being shifted from one foster home to another. She’s streetwise, cynical, and very special. Hailey is the key to the light.
Everyone wants a piece of her, the Light Seekers, the Ancients, and even the Witches.
Her only chance is tough guy biker, Dash, and Sean, a dangerously hot vampire that wants nothing more than to be done with the beautiful young girl. Hailey stirs emotions in him he’d just as soon forget, not to mention she wants to kill him.

Immortal Destiny Reading Order
Born to Darkness
Night Breed
Wolves and Black Roses
Tears of the Vampire
The Light Seekers


Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Beginning for Immortal Destiny and Much More

Only five days until the first volume of The Light Seekers will be released. I am excited to continue the Immortal Destiny Series. It feels a little like visiting old friends. Many of the characters that were first introduced in previous Immortal Destiny books will be included in the Light Seekers, but you will also meet some new characters.
Hailey and Sean are the main characters, but like the other Immortal Destiny books, the story will continue for all the characters you have come to know.
As an extra for those who are following the Immortal Destiny Series, a fictional news blog will launch this week. Shadow Lands Gazette will bring you news from the fringes, as well as news of what is happening in the Immortal Destiny Universe.
Through the Shadow Lands Gazette you will have the opportunity to learn more about places and events in the series. This publication will also give you the opportunity to get to know your favorite characters better, and give you clues of upcoming events in new books.
Speaking of new beginnings, some of you may be aware that I went through a particularly difficult divorce four years ago from a very vindictive man. Although my former spouse continues to harass me in various ways, I have found my new beginning. In April I married my former sweetheart. We parted over a decade ago, but found each other again. I will forever be grateful to whatever higher power maneuvered that one. He is a wonderful man and we fit together so well. Due to the fact that he is a musician, he can understand that part of me that must create.

To new beginnings!