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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wolves of Outerlands New Releases

All four volumes of the Wolves of Outerlands – Moon Dance are now available.

The wolf’s hunger will consume her, taking her to a place of dark desire and forbidden love. He is the beast that haunts her nightmares, and the only one who can save her from the evil that reaches for her from beyond this world.

    Dark, erotic dreams and eerie phantoms warn of forbidden passions.  Long ago, the Sungmanitu Indians withdrew into isolation; what dark secrets were they hiding?

  Laura Ellison was soon to find out. The company she works for is planning to send her to Wyoming, where they are preparing to clear-cut the land of the Sungmanitu. A fellow employee has mysteriously disappeared, and the local police are baffled by a string of strange murders.

The land of the Sungmanitu: a place of breathtaking beauty and menacing evil, where Laura will discover the demon who haunts her nightmares, and the dark truth of who she really is. Laura Ellison will defy all warnings and fall in-love with Justin Gray Eagle, the sinister leader of the Sungmanitu Wolf People.
This story unfolds over multiple volumes.

Climax of the Skinwalkers Series

New Release – The Skinwalkers Series 

The second and final volume of Song of Wolves is now available.

Skinwalkers – Song of Wolves Volume 2.The only thing stronger than the wolf’s savage hunger, is his love for one girl. Mya and David’s story climaxes in Skinwalkers – Song of Wolves. This book will be released in volumes.  In volume 2, the final volume of Song of Wolves, Mya, Donny and Wilson are fighting for their lives, while Mya searches for a way back from her nightmare and into David’s arms.
David disappears after the Changing, no longer taking his human form. This leaves Mya to wonder if she has lost him to the world of the beast.
Mya isn’t about to give up. She is determined to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves, no matter if he is human or wolf.
A strange fog has descended over the Navajo Reservation, bringing with it unspeakable horrors and possibly the end of everything and everyone Mya loves.

Skinwalkers Series

Bad Moon Rising
Witching the Wolf

Song of Wolves Volume 1 & 2