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Friday, August 8, 2014

New Release - Lethal Desire 1

When nothing is off limits

   Chaz Diaz was named the sexiest man alive. Not only is he rich, famous, and incredibly hot, he's also the man of Aspen's fantasies. Now he is offering to pay her a million dollars to be his escort for one month, but there is a catch or two.

   The Caribbean resort known as Desire is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it is where the elite go to live out their deepest darkest fantasies. Absolutely nothing is off limits. Desire will take you wherever your imagination dares to go. Those who can pay the price, can have anything they desire. Some pay the ultimate price.

Up until her sister disappeared from the Caribbean resort town of Punta Cana, Aspen Johansson had never traveled anywhere. Now she is thousands of miles from home, and searching for her wayward sister.

   The one person she suspects of knowing where her sister is, also happens to be the guy she has been swooning over since she was sixteen years old.

   Chaz Diaz can't remember the last time he was spurned by a woman, so when the spirited and beautiful Aspen declines to have casual sex with him, his mild curiosity turns to outright obsession. Now he is determined to have her, but there is another reason he wants to keep her close. Keeping her close might be the only way to keep her alive.

Print Edition Approximately 97 pages.
Genre: New Adult Romance

This story will unfold over several volumes.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Immortal Destiny The Light Seekers Volume 2 Now Available

A Dance of Darkness and Light.
In Volume 2, Hailey and Sean come together to fight an ancient evil that will destroy them and all they care about, but can they survive each other?


This must be what it was like to die of hypothermia.
She’d always had a strange fascination with death. What was it like to die of decapitation, or starvation?
Sure, there were worse ways to die, but to die of cold seemed too simple.
She could almost hear Nana Kerry telling her how morbid she was being.
Well she was dying, so she figured she had a right to be a little morbid about it.
Closing her eyes, she let her mind drift to another time - another place.
Hailey floated over the scene, watching, as if she were an earthbound ghost pulled into something she had no understanding of.
It was dark, except for the flickering light of two candelabras. She had no sense of smell or temperature, but the room reminded her of a cave, or maybe a hidden space in some basement.
Abigail was kneeling before a man with skin so pale it almost appeared translucent, which was a startling contrast to his shiny black hair. The intensity brimming in his dark eyes grabbed at another memory - a real memory.
It was a warm spring day. She was almost nine years old, which was old enough to walk home from school on her own. At least that’s what her foster parents thought.
She always picked up her pace when walking through the alley. Not quite running, but not really taking a leisurely stroll either.
She froze, except for her eyes, which she forced to look in the direction of a large dumpster overflowing with trash.
The dog jumped at her from behind the dumpster, but stopped before reaching the light. Yelping, it scurried back into the darkness, but not before she’d gotten a good look at the Boxer’s eyes.
The dog’s eyes were insane with rage.
Rabies. That’s what it had to be.
A rabid animal would avoid the light. She’d heard that once on a nature show.
Maybe she’d be okay, as long as she walked slowly.
The dog growled, but didn’t come after her again. Hailey kept moving. Once she was by the dumpster, she turned so that she was walking backwards.
No way was she going to turn her back on that dog.
After she’d gone twenty feet, she turned and ran like the hounds of hell were after her.
She got away, but she’d never forgotten the look in that dog’s eyes.
Still it didn’t end there. There was dimension to his eyes, and a strange kind of beauty that she’d never seen before.
That wasn’t really true.
The man she was looking at wasn’t a man at all. He was a vampire.
“Do you have Kathrina?” he asked, his voice as smooth as silk, but at the same time, managed to be as sharp as a razor.
The man’s eyes narrowed and his voice grew even sharper. “What about the girl of light? Do you have her?”
Again Abigail shook her head. “Not exactly, but we have made sure she is in a safe place.”
Waving away her words, the vampire jumped to his feet and began pacing the floor. “Your plans have been useless. We are no closer to Kathrina than we were a year ago.”
“That’s not true.” Sparks showered from the witch’s eyes, but her voice remained calm, even soothing.
“That is a flimsy plan, Miss Abigail.” The vampire made no effort to hide his distaste of the witch.
Ignoring his comment, Abigail went on. “We will use Hailey to convince the Light Seekers to help us. One of them is a close friend of Kathrina’s.”
“He wants the girl, Hailey,” she told him.
“But you don’t have the girl!” he shouted. “Anything could happen.”
“Even so, we will get Kathrina. We have a backup plan.”
“That is?”
“We will grab her ourselves.”
The vision faded.
Hailey struggled to hold onto it, but the image and voices were gone.